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Hi ! I’m Shyam, and I’m here to reawaken this world. For too long have we all dismissed our common sense, and having done that, we have flirted with a lot of unnatural and ‘universal’ ideas like equality, democracy, communism, anarchy and others. It is time for people to take notice of reality, for how much ever we may try, we can never wish it away by staying in the comfort zones of our own cozy cocoons. The reality is out there, and we have no other choice but to grapple with it.

The modern world is artificially sewn together with neo-liberal social, political and economic thought, with Marxist ideologies merely being a derivative of the former. Under this mish-mash of misguided ideas, we have lost what it means to actually think freely, and live our lives according to our nature. Instead, we face artificial worlds which we create and think we are living the dream, when all we are left with at the end of the day are psychological problems and a wet pillow full of tears. As you read this, there are millions, nay, even billions, who believed in these ideas, and who have been betrayed. Having lost their ability to think due to the not-so-subtle indoctrination of the masses, these countless folks are not able to understand what has hit them. And they still cling on to the same traitors, hoping for the change which they are promised, solutions which they are promised, happiness which they are promised and a love of life which they are promised, and they are denied the same not once, not twice, but innumerable times and again !!!

It is the duty of every man to realize that he is stuck in quicksand, and those very people who promise to get him out will in the end bury him completely. As a person who has rebelled from the current orthodoxy of thought, I regard it my duty to educate my brethren, and I want everyone to realize the same. I’m not promising a utopia here though, but I am encouraging you to discover the hopelessness of this world, and try to help one another to clean up the sewage.

In war, there is only one objective – victory !!! And that is what we all should aim at !!!