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What ails Mother Europe today? The continent is being rattled by numerous problems, and no solution seems to be in sight. Once the so-called center of civilization, Europe now faces a life-or-death struggle of epic proportions. What is at stake? – The very survival of native Europeans, their cultural diversity and their ways of life.

The most obvious and the most talked-about crisis is the Euro-debt. Seventeen different nations with differing economic capabilities form a currency-union without a centralized political union and a common economic policy. Thus, while the Euro derived its strength from German industriousness, the fiscally empowered nations like Greece, Italy and Spain went on a spending overdrive on lavish events and huge welfare schemes. When the party got over and the time to pay the bills arrived, these countries were found wanting. The current neo-liberal economic thought had convinced everyone that debt is good, and more the debt, better the prosperity. Well, guess what? Debt is not good, and it is almost equal to slavery. When you are indebted to someone, you are under his control. And currently, most European countries are at the mercy of their banks, which threaten to collapse at any moment unless bailed-out. And do the bail-outs help? – Seems so, at least on the surface. But the taxpayer money actually fattens the pockets of the CEOs and the ultra-rich owners of the banks through perks and bonuses.

While these fat-cats live off the hard-earned money of the populace, they have the gall to impose austerity on entire economies leading to severe unemployment during recession years. It is true that one cannot continue to live beyond one’s means, especially during these times, but drastic measures would lead to a total collapse of the economy. Already, Spain and Greece have registered unemployment rates of more than 20%, with one out of every two under the age of 25 out of work. Greece has been under a recession for the past five years, and is currently in a depression. Spain and Italy have been officially declared to be in a recession.

No amount of Occupy protests or austerity riots has made any impact on the train of events which are leading Europe to the edge of the abyss. As the crisis aggravates, more and more people are moving towards the far-left and far-right parties. In the recent Greek elections, the far-left party SYRIZA came in second and its popularity is rising, while the far-right party Golden Dawn has managed to finally enter the Parliament with 21 seats. Despite seeming to be at the far ends of the political spectrum, both the far-left and the far-right have a lot in common, with the liberals as enemy number 1. Both the parties hate the current blob of wishy-washy politicians who make underhand deals with foreign countries and mega-rich banks while robbing the people of the only thing they have today – hope. And as hope turns to anger, revenge does not seem far off.

Meanwhile, although economic problems are graver, social issues have not been relegated to the backburner. Europe is physically dying. As native Europeans stop reproducing, their populations have started to reduce. With a fertility of 2.1 per woman necessary in order to keep the population stable, no European country has a fertility rate of more than 1.5. In order to fill up the gap, immigration had been encouraged. Along with immigration came crime, cross-cultural issues, assimilation problems, racial tensions etc. With immigrants having high fertility rates, they are all set to become the new majority in Europe, just as minorities (Blacks and Hispanics) have recently become the majority in the USA. It is a sad situation for the Europeans, who are soon becoming a minority in their own nations. This is reverse-colonization, and will the immigrants now take retribution on their previous masters? We do not know, but the Europeans are waking up to this hard reality, and far-right parties have drummed up their opposition to immigration as more people lend their ears to xenophobia and racism.

Let us watch Europe closely. As a new generation arises to tackle their problems, their methods will definitely smack of fascism, despite decades of brainwashing against such ideologies. We are going to see very interesting events in the near future.