I’m Shyam and I’m interested in politics, and by extension history, sociology, economics and philosophy.

In history, I tend to be a revisionist. The current Marxist orthodoxy is quite repellent because of their blind adherence to ideology without looking for any empirical evidence. When it comes to political economy, I follow the German economist from the Historical School, Friederich List. I am also a strong supporter of alternate currency and monetary policy, and I wish to remove this debt-money system that we have. In philosophy, I’m attracted to Aristotle, Nietzsche and Gadamer, but I wont rule out other brilliant thinkers. In international relations, I’m a staunch realist in the tradition of Machiavelli, Clausewitz and Bismarck, and I follow Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer. In politics, I’m a political revolutionary, statist and anti-Communist. I’m in favor of ethno-nationalism and a form of national syndicalism. For me, the state is an organic entity that encompasses the entire society. I’m a social conservative, and believe in the strong role of community, family, tradition and other institutions in society. My favorite political analyst is the Republican Patrick Buchanan; I support Ron Paul in the current US elections; and I’m eagerly watching the rise of the far-right in Europe.

Currently, I’m doing my MA in Humanities and Social Sciences from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. I will be posting quite a few articles on some the topics which i encountered in my courses. I’m also following the Ron Paul campaign in the USA, the Euro-crises and its cascading effects in the political and social lives of Europeans, and some other random stuff about politics. Do visit this blog regularly and I hope I manage to inspire at least a few people from around the world.

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. ģµœė‹¤ķ•“ gongjumonica said:

    Nice to meet you. I have a degree in International Relations though I am not yet practicing. Your blog inspired me to write posts related to my major and I will do it soon. Thank you very much. Hope to see you in my future posts! šŸ™‚

  2. ģµœė‹¤ķ•“ gongjumonica said:

    Your blog receives an award today! Check out the details here:

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